Dariusz Moździerz – IV.2016
11 May 2016
“Darz Bór” hunting club from Człuchow
8 August 2017

Three medals

Polish hunting grounds are well known for their big bucks but recently the number of medal trophies had substantially increased. With the new season approaching it is worth to bring back the top three from 2015.

There are 80 thousands bucks shot in Poland each year 2 thousands of which qualify for medal. Although the roe deer population in western parts of the country is most numerous, it is the eastern regions that produce the strongest trophies. Each year about one third of all medal trophies come from the east.

Nevertheless, the chance of meeting the record breaker in almost any given location is not that uncommon. The good example of that statement comes from the 2015 season. The best buck of that season was shot in the Mazovia Province – with the weight of 791 grams it received 188,93 CIC points and top rank of the season. The second trophy weighted only 46 grams less, received equally impressive 188,20 CIC points, and came from the Warmia-Masuria Province. The top ranking buck from the east placed third – still it weighted 770 grams and received 187,45 CIC points.

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